Acoustic elements

Divider Flex

The simple divider flex made out of PET material. It a very easy to use silencer.

The two plates can slide to make it bigger of smaller. You can place it anywhere on to the table top to create your own space.

Silent Oak leaf

The Silent oak leaf is an armature made in a cross. Though from the front side minimalistic from the side. This armature comes into PET material with acoustic benefits.

Silent planet

The silent planet  is made out of 3D laser cut PET material. It is light trnasparant has acoustic benefits and gives light on every workspace.


Dutch Globe is a young and dynamic Dutch company, which specializes in the production of tables, chairs and lighting. Modern products with innovative solutions.

The products are made of aluminum, steel or solid oak. The designer aspires to simple lines with surprising finishes. Our products reflect our process. Sleek, simple and innovative.

Made in Holland

All the items are produced in Holland with a lot of precision, love and craftmanship.

Custom production

In case of special wishes from architects or clients, we can produce “custom made” products.

Free downloads

You can freely download:  Pictures, Pdf files or 3D drawing files

Member of Architonic

Member of Architonic