We renegerate !

Because the linear economy is putting more and more pressure on our environment, it is necessary to start producing in a circular way.Disposing of products at the end of their useful life not only depletes our raw materials. It also creates a large mountain of waste. That is why we will have to start producing differently and reuse the “waste” better.
Dutchglobe has decided to produce as much circular as possible. This according to a clear and simple principle;

3 R’s.

                                       Reduce :   Reducing the consumption of raw materials already at the design stage.

  Re use :    Maximum reuse of products and parts

Recycle:   High-quality reuse of our raw materials.

                                        We plant trees !

Dutchglobe plants 475 trees in the Kuinderbos. A new tree for every table sold. Dronten, 14 January 2021 –

The Drontense manufacturer Dutchglobe has today planted 475 young trees in the Kuinderbos in the Noordoostpolder. One tree for every sold (sustainably produced wooden table) in the past year.


                                  We use FSC ® certified wood   &  PEFC certified wood  !

In addition to using FSC ® certified wood  & PEFC  certified wood. Dutchglobe preferably uses finger-jointed oak. This material consists of small strips of oak that are joined to 1 leaf using the well-known finger joint system. The advantage here is that we can use up to 70% more of the trunk than with oak with continuous slats.


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Arend Jan Hovestadt