Project 1


Dealer:  De Projectinrichter

Architect:  EX Interiors

Product:  A line round, Conical, Conical bench, Silent Planet

Project 2

Dealer:  C & I

Architect:  Design studio C & I

Product: A line, V Square , Diagonal, Silent Planet

Year: 2018

Project 3

Dealer:  De Projectinrichter

Architect:  Heyligers

Product: V Square 3 & 4, Diagonal chair

Year: 2017

Project 4

Dealer:  Dols

Architect:  Engelman Architecten

Product: A line , Specials


Dutch Globe is a young and dynamic Dutch company, which specializes in the production of tables, chairs and lighting. Modern products with innovative solutions.

The products are made of aluminum, steel or solid oak. The designer aspires to simple lines with surprising finishes. Our products reflect our process. Sleek, simple and innovative.

Made in Holland

All the items are produced in Holland with a lot of precision, love and craftmanship.

Custom production

In case of special wishes from architects or clients, we can produce “custom made” products.

Free downloads

You can freely download:  Pictures, Pdf files or 3D drawing files

Member of Architonic

Member of Architonic